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India Feb 21 IIP - Adds to the gloom

The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) contracted for the second successive month in Feb-21. Posting an annualised de-growth of -3.6%, it marks the weakest pace of expansion in 6 months.

India CPI: Fueling ahead in March

India’s retail inflation accelerated to a 4-month high of 5.52% in Mar-21 led by sequential jump in fuel prices.

India RBI Policy: Bonding with accommodation

In line with consensus and QuantEco Research expectations, the Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI at its first review for FY22 decided to leave all policy rates unchanged.

India Feb 21 - CPI: Moving parts a bit too many

In the penultimate month of FY21, CPI inflation jumped up to 5.03% from a 16-month low of 4.06% in Jan-21, attributable to an adverse base along with a mild sequential pick up…

India Jan 21 - IIP: Room for recovery despite disappointment

The calendar year 2021 commenced on a sombre note as far the benchmark for industrial activity in India is concerned. Annualized growth in the IIP slipped into negative terrain with a print…

India excise duty on fuel - To cut or not to cut?

In early part of the spread of the COVID pandemic, India crude basket plunged from a high of USD 70 pb in early Jan-20 to USD 16 pb by end of Apr-20


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